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Alorair Solutions UK Ltd has entered the ozone market!!

We have done extensive testing and homework on the ozone treatment of surfaces, rooms and areas prior to starting this offering. We have tried and tested many different machines to ensure we provide you with the best information combined with the best product at the most sensible price.

We are able to offer a full service for ozone treatment which would include a survey of the area, calculations, the ozone treatment and a certificate showing the levels of ozone attained during treatment, time start, finish time, duration, time above 2PPM (required to effectively kill bacteria etc..), volume of the room and some other details.

It is essential that the Ozone treatment is part of the regular cleaning regime and not a substitute for it, debris and larger particles of dirt still need to be cleaned prior to treatment.

How It Works??

Q. Why Choose Ozone and what are you trying to do?    1. Remove Odours   2. Sanitise  3. Both??!!


1. Ozone works as a natural cleaner. When it comes into contact with an odour a volatile organic compound, (VOC), a chemical reaction takes place and the odour oxidises into a harmless, non-odourous substance. Odour problems originate from numerous sources including bacteria, moulds, smoking, chemical fumes, cooking and pets, etc.

Odours can be big problem when they are affixed to clothing, furniture fabrics, or carpets. Mould and fungus contamination are another major source of unpleasant odours and creates a musty, stale odour which can be both an annoyance and a health issue to those suffering from allergies or asthma.

Ozone Treatment is not a masking process – the smells are permanently removed - 

See List at bottom of the page regarding odours removed..


2. Ozone also works as a natural sanitising agent. It kills most bacteria, pathogens and viruses, including E-coli and MRSA, and leaves treated areas hygienically clean.

The influenza virus can survive anything between 5 hours up to 7 days on an outside surface depending on the environment temperature and humidity whereas noroviruses that typically attack the gastrointestinal tract, can survive up to four weeks on surfaces even in hot and dry conditions and can withstand most disinfectants. Ozone's killing action upon bacteria, viruses, fungi, and in many species of protozoa is well documented meaning is has a wide spectrum of uses to sanitise 

What is Ozone and how is it created?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas created from oxygen atoms. The oxygen molecule is made up of 2 oxygen atoms. These oxygen molecules are broken into atoms by the corona discharge during lightning storms or by UV light from the Sun. Single oxygen atoms cannot exist alone without regrouping back into di-atomic oxygen molecules (O2). During this recombination stage some atoms will regroup into loosely bonded tri-atomic oxygen - this new molecule is called Ozone or O3.


The range of machines we have will produce this O3 - Ozone in varying quantities depending on the size of the machine. Depending on where and what you have to Sanitise (volume and contents) will depend on which machine suits you best, run time, saturation levels .


PLEASE NOTE: There are currently no examples in the public domain, of ozone sterilisation being used to kill the current strain of Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 (technical name of the Coronavirus which causes the COVID-19 disease).

However, there are reasons to believe it would be effective:

During the SARS epidemic of 2003, ozone sterilisation was successfully used to purify environments infected with the deadly Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-1, the virus which causes the SARS disease.

As SARS-Cov-1 is also a member of the Coronavirus family, it is highly likely that ozone sterilisation would be effective at killing SARS-CoV-2, the Coronavirus which causes the COVID-19 virus.


Typically most respiratory viruses such as the coronavirus favour a cooler temperature. Viruses typically are not really living organisms per se, they are complex bio-molecules that need a living cell to be active. Ozone's propensity to break apart lipid molecules at sites of multiple bond configuration. Indeed, once the lipid envelope of the virus is fragmented, its DNA or RNA core cannot survive and it dies.

A big problem in controlling infections is that some strains of bacteria can actually build up a resistance to certain chemical disinfectants. Ozone, on the other hand, kills bacteria within a few seconds by a process known as cell lysing. Ozone molecularly ruptures the cellular membrane, disperses the cell’s cytoplasm and makes reactivation impossible. Because of this, micro organisms cannot develop ozone resistant strains, thus eliminating the need to change biocides periodically. 

Coronaviruses are classified as “enveloped viruses”, which are typically more susceptible to “Physico-chemical challenges”. In other words, they don’t like being exposed to ozone.


Ozone destroys this type of virus by breaking through the outer shell into the core, resulting in damage to the viral RNA. Ozone can also damage the outer shell of the virus in a process called oxidation.

Put simply, exposing Coronaviruses to sufficient ozone dose (ppm x time) can result in them being 99% damaged or destroyed.



Benefits of Ozone?

When ozone comes into contact with organic compounds or bacteria, the extra atom of oxygen destroys the contaminant by oxidation. The Ozone decomposes to oxygen after being used so no harmful bi-products result.

Traditional odour removal consists of masking the odour with a less offensive odour, or, removing the odour by using strong chemicals or filtering systems. However, air filters require the air in the room to be pulled through the filter and cannot remove odours embedded into clothing, furniture fabrics and carpets.

As NO Chemicals are used there is no residual or bi-product left on any surface through the cleaning, it also means that this is a lot “Greener” way of cleaning compared to ones which have chemicals.

Ozone will destroy a virus in a concentration of 2 parts per million in less than two minutes, and with greater humidity ozone is even more rapidly lethal.


Ozone Treatment is not a masking process – the smells are permanently removed - 

See List at bottom of the page regarding odours removed.

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Ozone Detector 0 to 10PPM and Data Logge

Organic odours and pollutants controlled by ozone and chemical reactions

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