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Air Movers used for 2 purposes, firstly to help lift moisture from surfaces and also to help push and pull air into or out of closed environments or locations to ensure a clean air supply, for example in trenches, basements, tanks etc.. with their ducting capabilities to help steer the air where you want it (Zeus 900 and Zeus Extreme).

The large Zeus Extreme is available in both 115V and also 220V models for site work as well as at home. It can move a huge 3000cfm and the ducting is a large 24" available in 5m and up to 10m lengths.

Air Movers combine well with heaters / air conditioning to provide a warmer / cooler environment pushing warm or cold air further.

They assist in the drying of materials lifting water away from surfaces into the air where the dehumidifiers can then remove the moisture.

AlorAir's Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber can be used to limit the transference of pollutant particulates or provide cleaner air to locations. One use has been as part of a clean room / decontamination room (possible asbestos removal)- this unit is also available in 115V and 220V.


Alorair Dehumidifiers, Air Movers and  Air Scrubbers are powerful, well designed, robust, easy to use and perfect for the building Industry.

There are many different applications where our products can be used within the industry and probably more than we have thought about!! These range from building drying prior to plastering, helping dry plastering and painting, control of humidity in offices or drying rooms on site for dehumidifiers (Flood Restoration is a topic of its own!). 

The Storm Range of dehumidifiers is best suited for the building industry with their robust rotary moulded exterior we start at the Storm Pro 70L unit, rising to the Storm Ultra 90L and up to the Storm Elite 125L units - these are our upright models. If you are after floor standing units which are almost impossible to knock over we have the Storm LGR Extreme 85L , the Storm SLGR 850C unit and also the Storm 1600X SLGR our largest rated at 130L.

Storm 850C image.JPG

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