Flood and Fire Restoration Industry

Storm LGR Extreme 85L
Storm Pro 70L

AlorAir has a range of dehumidifiers air movers and an air scrubber to assist in the drying of locations which have been subject to flooding or water damage or fire damage.

Units like the Storm Pro 70L  and the Storm Ultra 90L pictured. Both are floor standing but easily movable, they come with a built in pump and so don't need emptying, they can be set to continuous mode or can have a set RH to work to(they will turn on and off depending on the set point to control the relative humidity within the location).

The Storm LGR Extreme 85L is a highly robust unit which can sit in 2 inch of water and work if needs be!! The unit has a low centre of gravity being so compact so it is very difficult to knock this one over.

Look at the New Wifi enabled Storm SLGR 850C arriving 2020 for a possible solution. The largest units we have currently are the Storm Elite 125L and the Storm SLGR 1600 (rated at 130L of water in 24 hours). All units have pumps and hydrophilic coated coils to increase corrosion resistance and better water run off during the dehumidification process.

Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber

Alorair Air Movers like the Zeus 900 and Zeus Extreme are great general air movers depending on the quantity of air movement required. The Zeus 900 is able to be placed in a variety of positions for drying floors, walls ceilings and stairs, it has 4 different speeds using from only 0.3 to 0.6 of an amp. The clip on the front is for securing carpets so it can dry under them. Unlike snail dryers this unit is easy to stack and move, is lightweight and robust.

The Zeus Extreme is a high velocity through and through air mover with air flow of up to 3000cfm, it has 2 speeds, an hour counter and can be placed in a variety of positions to allow for floor, wall and ceiling drying. Ducting can be fitted to the unit allowing it to be used for extraction also. We have stock for this unit in both 115V and 230V allowing for use in both a building site and elsewhere.

If you have a problem with smells or need to control mould spores and alike whilst doing restoration work, why not look at the Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber this unit helps control the smells & spores by capturing them in its 3 stage filter system including Pre filter, a HEPA filter and an Activated Carbon Filter. Speed is adjustable, lightweight (18Kg), robust and easy to use - it also has a pressure sensitive filter change indicator to highlight when the HEPA/Activated Carbon filter needs changing. The unit can also be used in conjunction with a tent to provide a perfect area for clean down after any contamination (different tent sizes are available) - see picture.

The unit can be ducted from so fresh/clean air can be pumper into a room if needs be.


The Storm Range comes with a standard G3 filter as fitted, some units have replacement filters with either a HEPA filter or an activated carbon filter, depending on what you are wanting to filter out.

Please click on the unit you like the look of to go to the Specification Page - Please do call us for trade enquiries if ordering more than one unit as we have a discount structure.

REMEMBER: ALL Rotary Moulded plastic bodies can be custom coloured and rebadged to your corporate identity.

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