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Most Gyms now have Air Conditioning units to help cool the air down this does remove some moisture, however dehumidifiers are designed to remove moisture from the air and so are an essential option as well.

AlorAir has a range of dehumidifiers to assist in the control of humidity within gym areas (you don't want it too dry or too damp!!).

We can provide upright mobile units like the Storm Pro 70L  and the Storm Ultra 90L, pictured below. Both are floor standing but easily movable, they come with a built in pump and so don't need emptying. They will turn on and off depending on the set point to control the relative humidity within your location to ensure the correct level of RH (relative Humidity) is maintained. The Storm Elite is the largest floor standing unit we have - just in case you have a large area to maintain, this can remove up to 125L of water in 24 hours. All gyms ideally require 3 factors, heat, air movement and water removal (dehumidification), to maintain the right levels of RH. Correct levels of RH ensures no mould will grow, and reduces odours.

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Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber

Air Movers like the AlorAir Zeus 900 and Zeus Extreme are good for general air movement around the gyms or clubs they help pick up any residual moisture from floor, walls and ceilings as well as from members perspiration and lift it into the air where the dehumidifiers then remove it. The smaller Zeus 900 perfect for floors and walls to focus dry and the larger Zeus Extreme for overall air movement and can help cool your members also!!.

They can also be used in locker rooms near sinks and showers to help keep floors dry to prevent slipping.


If you have a problem with smells from perspiration and cannot open windows and dont want to spray aerosoles why not look at the Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber this unit helps control the smells. It works by sucking the air into its filters and capturing those odours and eliminating them with a 3 stage filter system including a HEPA filter and an Activated Carbon Filter. Speed is adjustable, lightweight (18Kg), robust and easy to use - it also has a pressure sensitive filter change indicator to highlight when the HEPA/Activated Carbon filter needs changing. 

If you are after a Wall or Ceiling mounted units we have these too in the form of the Storm LGR Extreme or the Sentinel HD55 and larger HDi90. These units can sit out of the way controlling the humidity whilst maintaining the correct levels of RH. Quiet but powerful also with a sensor for controlability, the HD55 and HDi90 models also have the ability to be controlled remotely for even more control over the environment. These 2 units can also be ducted from allowing the returned drier air to be used for focus drying - possibly for steamy windows or mirrors or damp walls. 

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