Building Industry
Builders, Refurbishers, Basements.
Clean Room / Pharmaceutical
Clean Room /Pharmaceuticals
Dog Grooming Parlours
Dog Grooming Parlours - Control of Humidity / condensation
Drying Rooms for Uniforms & Clothing
Drying Rooms - Fire Stations, Activity Centres, Airports, Police Stations, Construction Site Welfare Units
Document Storage / Libraries
Document Storage / Libraries
Flood & Fire Restoration
Flood & Fire Restoration
Flooring & Epoxy Resin Coatings
Dehumidifiers used by flooring companies and epoxy resin coating companies
Garages and Vehicle Storage
Dehumidifiers used in Garages and other out building for vehicle storage in control of humidity
Gyms / Squash Clubs etc.
Dehumidifiers , air movers and air scrubbers in gyms, squash clubs, boxing clubs etc..
Housing, Landlords & Local Authorit
Flat and housing dehumidifiers - perfect for landlords, private tennants and Local Authorities
Dehumidifiers for the Hydroponics industry - can be ceiling hung, remotely controlled - compact and quiet.
Meat / Food Drying & Food Industry
Meat & Food Drying - Charcuterie, Biltong, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables. And use of Dehumidifiers, Air Scrubbers and Air movers in the food industry
Offices, FM's, Schools & Hospitals
Dehumidifiers for Offices FM Companies, Schools and Hospitals. For quick response to water damage or for ongoing humidity control.
Plasterers & Painters
Dehumidifiers, air movers and air scrubber - perfect to help dry out plaster and painting and also help remove odours.
Restaurants, Cafes etc
Keeping Condensation down for clearer windows in Cafes, Coffee Shops, Restaurants etc..
Swimming Pools
Dehumidifiers for swimming pools
Tool Hire
Dehumidifiers, Air movers and air scrubber perfect for the tool and equipment hire industry.
Warehouses and Storage Facilities
Dehumidifiers for controlling humidity in warehouses and storage facilities.
Wood Drying - Product Drying
Dehumidifiers to help remove moisture from wood in the drying process speeding up that aged look.
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