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Within the food industry there are numerous locations and processes which require careful monitoring and control of humidity. AlorAir dehumidifiers and experience can help you maintain the correct levels of humidity required to ensure you get the best product or control the humidity in the environment to help prevent excessive moisture build up. AlorAir has worked with Biltong Manufacturers, Charcutiers and also large fresh fruit packaging companies to help them control the humidity in the environment.

When working with Biltong manufactures and Charcutiers it is essential that you can control the humidity in the environment as you are wanting to reduce the water content within the meat without getting case hardening. What is needed is a dehumidifier which is designed to remove moisture from the air, is controllable and can be set out of the way to perform it duties continuously. Working alongside refrigeration and fan companies we have designed numerous drying rooms for large scale production of dried and hung meats. Call us to find out more.

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The Sentinel Range of Dehumidifiers can be wall mounted or ceiling hung to keep them out of the way whilst circulating and dehumidifying the air. The HD55 & larger HDi90 units can be remotely controlled via cat 5 cable to a wall mounted panel, this gives you the control-ability you require whilst not taking up valuable floor space. Both of the units are quiet in running and can be ducted from.

A number of different filters can be added to the Sentinel Units from the HEPA filter to the Activated Carbon Filter (it comes with the Standard G3 filter).

Filters and Hanging Systems and wall brackets can be found in the Accessories Section under the SHOP heading.

Storm Pro 70L

For Larger rooms we would recommend multiple units depending on the quantity of water wanting to be removed and the drying times. The HD55 unit drains via gravity whilst the HDi90 does have a built in pump.

If you have numerous drying rooms and need an extra boost of dehumidification or if floor space is not essential we have a number of mobile units in the Storm range offering great dehumidifying power with ease of re-positioning and mobility.

Storm Pro 70L, Storm Ultra 90L & Storm Elite 125L are the ones for you.

Air Movers like the AlorAir Zeus 900 and Zeus Extreme are good for general air movement around the storage rooms and help pick up any residual moisture from plants and other surfaces to lift it into the air where the dehumidifiers then remove it. The Zeus 900 has 4 speed controls, is easily placed and has multiple ways it can sit/stand. For large rooms the Zeus extreme ensures good overall movement of air with its huge 3000cfm capacity.

The Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber can be used within the food industry environment to add additional air movement as well as removing air borne particles and smells with its 3 stage filter system, pre-filter, HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter. The Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber has a variable speed control and also a pressure sensitive function showing when the HEPA / Activated Carbon filter needs to be changed. It can be used to in a similar way as a clean room for any high risk products (see clean room page).

The Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber filters are easy to replace, the ducting is easy to attach, the unit is easy to use and has variable speed control, combined with a filter replacement light - hopefully the right tool for you! 

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