AlorAir Ozone GD7 is a powerful handheld ozone generator and can produce up to 7g/hr (7000mg/hr) of ozone which can remove odours as well as kill bacteria, viruses, mould and fungus etc...

Please call AlorAir to find out more details regarding usage

This unit has a generate and destruct capability which means afetr the ozone has been generated and left for the right amount of time to do its job it will then destruct the ozone making the room safe to enter sooner. This deal includes Training on product and ozone applications.

It has an audible buzzer on the generation start and also the finish.

It has a delay timer allowing user to exit the room before the start of the ozone generation.

The timings can be altered dependant on the size and volume of the room.

  • Application area               10 – 120 m3
  • Input voltage                      220V/50-60Hz with 5A fuse
  • Power consumption        140W max.
  • Dimensions                        305 x 334 x 327 mm
  • Net Weight                         9 kg
  • Warranty                             12 months
  • Handle is optional extra

AlorAir Ozone GD7, inc Training.


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