AlorAir Sentinel HDi120 Dehumidifier rated at .....L. TBC - Please Download Spec Sheet.

Ideal for crawlspaces, cleanrooms, hydroponics and more - Ducting options available

1 year Parts and 5 year Compressor warranty.

Remote control equipped

Has Condensate Pump - can pump up to 4.5m Head

Size for up to 3300sq.ft

Sound level <60DBA

Functional Temp range 1 - 40 Deg C

Dimensions 600w x 350h x 400d (mm)

Filters Available - Clean Air, HEPA, Merve-8

240v option available.

Weight 40kg

Sentinel HDi120 Dehumidifier

SKU: 120
  • The Sentinel HDi120 Unit is an excellent unit for crawlspaces, cellars and basements, as well as clean rooms, drying rooms and hydroponics, the largest in the AlorAir range for this. The main feature for all the Sentinel Units is that they can all be remotely accessed and controlled to set the RH levels, as well as other features on it. This unit has a condensate pump for the water outlet allowing it to be situated above or below a collection vessle or collection point, the pump will pump to a 4.5m head.The unit can also have ducting run from it allowing to to be connected into existing ducting systems. Two sturdy carrying handles allow for easy carrying and placement. With a number of filters available the unit can help clean out unwanted particulates also.

    Please go to the accessories page for pricing on the remote controls and ducting.

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