Within warehouses there is potential risk for products being stored to get damp and wet due to high humidity levels, this can be caused by leaks in roofs, floods / water ingress or just high Humidity levels.

To keep products at their optimum it is critical that the humidity levels are kept within a reasonable level - to do this there are a few methods, airing, heating and dehumidifying. For us all three combined work the best and often work out the cheapest as well.

It is expensive to heat the warehouse, but having a cold one can be a problem and condensation can affect the products. Airing the warehouse is good but often corners god get properly aired and it can introduce high RH air into the warehouse which can then condensate.

By combining all 3 aspects within reasons is the best way of controlling the levels of humidity within warehouses. A little heat helps the water lift away from surfaces combines with air movement. Rather than then removing that warm wet air one only then needs to dehumidify it ensuring that the warm air stays within the warehouse and also prevents condensation.


The Storm Range of dehumidifiers all come with built in pumps, which can pump water up to a 4.5m head and approx 6 to 7m horizontally allowing water to be pumped out of walls, windows or into drains or sinks etc, never filling up or turning of because they are full. 

Both the Storm Range and Sentinel Range of dehumidifiers is perfectly suited for warehouses, high capacity, robust, mobile or static all will perform well.

In the Storm Range we start at the Storm Pro 70L unit (Top one to the right), rising to the Storm Ultra 90L (middle yellow one to the right) and up to the Storm Elite 125L (red to the right) units - these are our upright models. They are easy to manoeuvre with the weight distributed nicely and are about 20% larger than other on the market in capacity. 

If you are after floor standing units which are almost impossible to knock over we have the Storm LGR Extreme 85L unit (yellow one below) and also the Storm 1600X SLGR our largest rated at 130L (green unit).

The Storm LGR Extreme Unit is just over 30kg and is easy to move around with 2 large handles on the top. (see picture below).

The Storm SLGR 1600X is easy to manoeuvre also as it has a large handle and 2 wheels despite being about 60 kg.

Sentinel Remote Controller and Cable.PNG

If you require a static dehumidifier for ongoing humidity control then the Sentinel Range is right for you - these can be Wall or Ceiling mounted unit - the Sentinel HD55, larger Sentinel HDi90 and our soon to arrive Sentinel HDi120. These units can sit out of the way controlling the humidity whilst drying the environment, quiet but powerful, all with built in sensors for control-ability. The HD55HDi90 and HDi120 models also have the ability to be controlled remotely for even more control over the environment. 

The smaller HD55 drains via gravity whilst the larger HDi90 and HDi120 have a built in pump to pump away the condensate.

Sentinel HD55 (White)
Wall Mounting System.JPG

When it comes moving air and lifting moisture into it - rather than introducing fresh air it is better to move the air already inside the warehouse as this should be drier and often warmer that the air outside.

The Zeus 900 is a great little fan with 4 settings and numerous ways it can stand to assist in the drying  and general air movement (it stacks a lot neater than any snail fan too!)

The larger Zeus Extreme is great for larger water problems and for ducting/ventilation, it too can stack and can floor dry or ceiling dry.

The large Zeus Extreme is available in both 115V and also 220V models for site work as well as at the warehouse. It can move a huge 3000cfm and the ducting is a large 24" available in 5m and up to 10m lengths.

Air Movers combine well with heaters / air conditioning to provide a warmer / cooler environment pushing warm or cold air further.

They assist in the drying of materials lifting water away from surfaces into the air where the dehumidifiers can then remove the moisture.

AlorAir's Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber is a little more specialised but can be used to limit the transference of pollutant particulates or provide cleaner air to locations. Variable speed controls, lightweight mobile unit with easy to replace filters (Pre-Filter, HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter). It has been as part of a clean room / decontamination room  (possible asbestos removal) along with the tent (see Picture). 

The Cleanshield HEPA 550 unit is also available in 115V and 220V.

Please get in touch with us and see how we can help to provide you with the best solution to your problems.

Remember to ask about multiple unit purchases and also colour coded exteriors and own branding.

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